Liu Wei

Liu Wei, Leon Levy Visiting Fellow, 2012.

Originally from Xi’an, China, Wei is the IFA’s 2012 Leon Levy Fellow. It is with the blessing of her colleges at the Conservation Center at the National Museum of China that Wei joins us to study multiple different materials and methodologies and to supplement her Masters-level education.

Thanks to the generosity of the Leon Levy Foundation, the IFA was able to launch a Visiting Fellowship Program in the Spring 2009 term that allows them to recruit international students interested in archaeological materials. This five-year program provides funding for one visiting student each year to study along-side the matriculated students at the IFA. Wei is the very first student to join our community from China.

Wei holds a B.S. in Conservation Science from Northwest University in Xi’an and a M.S. in the History of Science and Technology from the University of Science and Technology, Beijing.

Her latest research experiences concern the analysis of corrosion products on artifacts stored in regional museums and their conservation. In addition to metals, she also has an interest in and experience with the conservation of ancient Chinese porcelains, waterlogged wooden artifacts, paper, and paintings-on-paper.

This semester Wei plans to attend as many classes as possible! She is studying for Technology & Structure of Works of Art I with the rest of the class; but in addition she is also attending Preventive Conservation with Dr. Hannelore Roemich, Instrumental Analysis I with Dr. Marco Leona, and Treatment of Prints & Drawings with Professor Margaret Holben Ellis.


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