Eve Mayberger

Eve inpainting the Hunt Mosaic at the Worcester Art Museum

Eve Mayberger, originally from Omaha, Nebraska, is an art history graduate of Wesleyan University. As a freshman at Wesleyan, she worked in the book preservation laboratory under the tutelage of Michaelle Biddle. She recalls that, “what had started out as just a job had turned into the most anticipated part of my day.”

The realization prompted her to major in art history, pursue chemistry, and further her investigation into conservation as a possible profession. She has held internship positions at the Lunder Conservation Center, the Historic Odessa Foundation, the Small Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia, and the National Museum of the American Indian. Most recently, Eve worked as the conservation technician at the Worcester Art Museum.

Eve is our second student in the library and archive program. Because this program encompasses special collections, which often contain a diversity of functional materials, she is eager to explore the conservation issues pertaining to objects of use, including books and ethnographic artifacts.

Eve recently published an article in the 2011 AIC Book and Paper Annual with co-authors Betty Fiske, Michaelle Biddle and Abigail Quandt. The article, “Treatment of an Oversize Rare Book: Research and Decision on Rebinding,” borne out of an eight-week internship at the Historic Odessa Foundation, concerns the conservation implications of the full treatment of a 1755 book on Alberti architecture.


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