Annika Finne

Annika waxes Giacometti’s Tall Figure, III in MoMA’s Sculpture Garden.

Annika Finne graduated from Brown University where she created her own independent concentration in material art history, which incorporated physical and conceptual perspectives on material culture by combining courses in visual art, chemistry and art history. She first interned in the conservation department of the Seattle Art Museum and has since worked in the Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. She has had the opportunity within these institutions to work with objects of diverse materials and contexts, from a Sienese polychrome Angel Gabriel to a Ming dynasty lacquer box, or a Donald Judd brass cube. “My favorite experiences,” she says, “usually involve finding some moment within an object that reflects the process of its creation.” At the Seattle Art Museum, she remembers her initial thrill at how magnification revealed the complex layering structure of lacquer on a small, cinnabar box. But, favorites often make way for more quotidian activities; “Spending a sunny summer morning washing and waxing sculptures in the Museum of Modern Art Sculpture Garden is also very fun!”

Annika is interested in studying contemporary paintings conservation. She chose NYU for the program’s emphasis on art history, its intimate relationships with nearby museums, and its location in a world center of art production and exhibition. “As a student interested in contemporary art conservation, I found these qualities both particularly exciting and particularly pertinent to my education.”

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