CC Students Welcome the Class of 2016

At the end of our busy (and, I daresay, overwhelming) first week as IFA Conservation Center students, the upperclassmen hosted a delightful reception to welcome their new colleagues, the Class of 2016. During the week, we were received across the street at the Duke House for many an orientation meeting and reception; and so we were looking forward to meeting the second- and third-year Conservation students.

The lovely Desi Peters–the Conservation Center’s representative to the Graduate Student Association (GSA)–and her classmates certainly put on a good party!

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Conservation Scientist Hannelore Roemich chose the wine–a Spanish red and a white from near her hometown in Germany–and Administrative Aide Extraordinaire Cat Lukaszewski poured it up like a pro.

The IFA director, Patricia Rubin, also made an appearance and delivered yet another inspiring speech.

The event was held on the terrace of the the Conservation Center–just off the so-called “Penthouse.” The View from up there was spectacular: We could overlook the east-most side of Central Park and well as the ongoing repairs and construction at the Duke House. The refurbishment will be completed around Christmas time–What a lovely Christmas present!


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