Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the IFA Conservation Center’s Class of 2016 blog!

We are genuinely happy that you have come to visit our site, and we hope that you leave better informed about the wonderful curriculum that the IFA and the Conservation Center has to offer.

By way of this blog, we will document some of our experiences in the program. We hope that this will allow us to network within the growing sphere of conservation blogdom, to inform curious readers about the field, as well as to reach prospective students of the IFA’s program in Conservation.

Read our ‘About‘ page for an overview of the IFA program, its structure and its location. To learn more about us, the Class of 2016, check out the ‘Class of 2016‘ link for our bios and professional interests.

Feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions. And thank you for reading!

~Kate Brugioni


2 responses to “Welcome to our blog!

  1. I am absolutely delighted to follow the progress of the first-year Conservation students on your blog! As it happens, I have a personal interest in one of the students, Annika Finne (my daughter).
    –Nils Finne, AIA

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